Want to play Android games but don't want to invest in an Android phone or tablet? Are you children always taking your phone away to play games? The answer to these problems just went on sale in the form of the MG, the first pocketable Wi-Fi Android app-gaming system.

PlayMG, the company behind the device, actually markets this as a device for young people, fitting it with features like a parental control Family Collaboration system, allowing parents to give younger gamers an allowance to use on games without having to load credit card numbers.


However, with its bright four-inch display and expandable memory (it ships with an 8GB SD card), I don't see why any mobile gaming aficionado wouldn't be tempted to drop $150 on this little puppy.

The MG comes packed with games. EA has provided NBA Jam and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (bit of bad timing on that last one), along with Com2US' Slice It, Swing Shot, Homerun Battle 2, Tiny Farm, Tower Defense, 9 Innings Baseball, Super Action Hero and Derby Days. It's also got the MG Origins Avatar System loaded in, a meta game for kids that tells the story of their avatar, unlocking as they earn points by playing other games on the device.


It's a little bundle of nifty, and one that I am seriously considering picking up. I use an Android phone right now, but given my need to play all of the games, all of the time, a dedicated device might be just the thing.

The MG is available at Amazon and directly through PlayMG, at an introductory price of $150, $20 off MSRP.