Manga artist Pikupikun is considered a dreamboat by his adoring fans. When not drawing erotic manga, he often posts pictures of himself in the shower or in frilly outfits. And when he's not doing that, he's furiously masturbating—something that actually caused him to once miss a publication deadline.

Last week, he put not one, but two used sex toys up on an internet auction site. One of them was Pikupikun's favorite, and it had seen nearly a year of use. According to the auction site, there were a few scratches from use. And while Pikupikun said he cleaned and sprayed the toy, it still had a "slight whiff of use". He was careful, however, to note that the toy did not come with any bodily fluids or hair.

Besides that toy, the manga artist included another toy that he had previously retired, and the auction included other goodies like a letter from Pikupikun, illustrations, and more, including three big bowls worth of Koshihikari rice that he harvested.

Of course, the auction was pulled before it ended, but not after bids climbed over ¥74,000 (US$920).


As a work around, Pikupikun put up another auction, but angled it around the rice, instead of the sex toys (though he obliquely referenced them in his auction). This one slipped by the auction site, and the whole bundle went for a whopping ¥88,000, or $1.093. Hopefully, the lucky winner will enjoy those goodies—but hopefully not enjoy them.

オークションにて、オレの使用済みオナホールを出品いたしました [@PIKU2N]

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