Wedding bliss turns into a newlywed nightmare. According to a report out of China, a young bride sadly passed away on her wedding night after being kissed on the neck.

The kiss, report states, caused the bride to go into a daze. Her complexion turned pale, her body went cold, and she collapsed. A doctor surmised that pressure put on her artery in her neck caused her heart to stop.

This isn't the first time such an unfortunate (and sad, and unusual) passing like this has happened in China. In the mid-1980s, the Lanzhou Evening News apparently reported that a bridegroom killed his wife after a kiss on the neck that was "too passionate and too long". According to physicians, the kiss' intensity and length lead to heart palpitations, killing the bride.

【中国】嫁の首にキスしたら秘孔を突いてしまい、嫁が突然死亡 [中国的爆発日記]

(Top photo: Leonid and Anna Dedukh | Shutterstock)

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