It all started with One Piece. Last fall, Macau-born Sunny Lin exploded on the scene with a cosplay of One Piece character Boa Hancock. Online in Asia, she was declared the closest the world would get to a real life Boa.

Lin was able to parlay that into magazine spreads, such as this on her way to become a superstar. Then, says Taiwan's ET Today, something changed.

Just as she was going supernova and slated to appear in a movie, she emailed her manager, supposedly saying she wanted to cancel her contract. It's exactly clear what caused the change, but she apparently wrote, "It's not that I don't want to be famous, but there are many things I cannot talk about yet."

Her manager, Lilian, told ET Today that it's "regrettable" that she was not able to continue on the road to stardom.


While Lin doesn't seem to have addressed directly what prompted this yet, she did write online that she doesn't have any plans for the future. "I just want to be happy," she wrote. "That's not material or money, but happiness from living by being honest and upfront with my own feelings."

Fans were worried that Lin was leaving the entertainment industry; however, she appeared on Facebook this week, to calm those concerns by saying not to worry and adding that she would be definitely able to start anew. Hope everything is okay for her as she begins her new journey.

獨家/D奶蛇姬林采緹失蹤斷星途 自白:不想大紅大紫 [ET Today via ロケットニュース]

(Top photo: FHM)

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