It's week two of our continuing coverage of the Google Play top charts, and you know what that means—last week's positions are go! Did your favorite game move up the charts? Slip down? Why are you so concerned? Where did these sharks come from?

While there hasn't been a great deal of movement in the Android charts over the past week, there are a few pleasant surprises. Most notably is the appearance of The Bard's Tale on the paid charts, once again proving that older PC gamers love themselves some Android.

And hey, there's a Jaws game on the free charts. What's that all about?

Top Paid Android Games - 10/24/2012

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition
Last Week's Position: 1 (0)
Hey look, Minecraft Pocket Edition at the top. Again.

Minecraft Pocket Edition on Google Play

2. Angry Birds Space Premium Edition
Last Week's Position: 2 (0)
No change here either. If only Bad Piggies weren't free.

Angry Birds Space Premium on Google Play

3. Where's My Water?
Last Week's Position: 3 (0)
Where's My Water stagnates in third place. It's a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Where's My Water? on Google Play

4. Cut the Rope
Last Week's Position: 4 (0)
Don't worry, we'll be mixing things up soon, I promise.

Cut the Rope on Google Play

5. Draw Something
Last Week's Position: 8 (+3)
See? Did you see that? Draw Something moved! I told you there'd be movement of some sort.

Draw Something on Google Play

6. The Bard's Tale
Last Week's Position: N/A
Now here's a surprise. The Android version of the remake of the classic PC game is taking the charts by storm, displacing World of Goo in the process.

The Bard's Tale on Google Play

7. Asphalt 7: Heat
Last Week's Position: 6 (-1)
Anyone else seeing a flashing red "WRONG WAY" sign?

Asphalt 7: Heat on Google Play

8. Grand Theft Auto III
Last Week's Position: 9 (+1)
Grand Theft Auto III gains a tiny bit of ground. It probably stole it. And then shot it.

Grand Theft Auto III on Google Play

9. Fruit Ninja
Last Week's Position: 10
Cut the Fruit continues to cling to the charts, bolstered by a growing worldwide suspicion that apples are out to get us (they are).

Fruit Ninja on Google Play

10. Where's My Perry?
Last Week's Position: 5 (-10)
Phineas and Ferb is so five spots ago.

Where's My Perry on Google Play

While the paid chart was more shifting around and less new games, the free chart, as always, is complete and utter chaos.

Top Free Android Games - 10/24/2012

1. Bad Piggies
Last Week's Position: 1 (0)
I might have lied just a little. It can't be all that similar though.

Bad Piggies on Google Play

2. Angry Birds
Last Week's Position: 3 (+1)
Angry Birds takes its rightful position a spot below the Bad Piggies.

Angry Birds on Google Play

3. Zombie Frontier
Last Week's Position: 6 (+3)
The joy of wildly firing continues to be incredibly compelling to people without money!

Zombie Frontier on Google Play

4. Temple Run
Last Week's Position: 4 (0)
The creators of Temple Run t-shirts have a lock on spot 4.

Temple Run on Google Play

5. Jetpack Joyride
Last Week's Position: 2 (-3)
The initial flurry of excitement over the free Jetpack Joyride begins to fade.

Jetpack Joyride on Google Play

6. Flow Free
Last Week's Position: 5 (-1)
After cinching the 5 spot on three charts last week (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone), Flow Free realizes it looked terribly suspicious and drops a spot.

Flow Free on Google Play

7. Words with Friends
Last Week's Position: 7 (0)
Words with Friends, on the other hand, is not going anywhere.

Words with Friends on Google Play

8. Jaws: The Revenge
Last Week's Position: N/A
We're gonna need a bigger chart.

Jaws: The Revenge on Google Play

9. Fruit Ninja Free
Last Week's Position: 10 (+1)
This is the beginning of an epic ninjas-versus-air hockey battle to end all battles.

Fruit Ninja Free on Google Play

10. Air Hockey Deluxe
Last Week's Position: 9 (-1)
This is the ending of an epic ninjas-versus-air hockey battle to end all battles.

Air Hockey Deluxe on Google Play

Join us next week, when all the games on the chart start with the letter P. Or not.