Apple's iPads are intuitive. Even kids can easily use them! But should they? Like, all the friggin' time?

According to NdDaily (via MIC), a seven year-old boy in China experienced severe headaches and neck pain after spending too much time playing his iPad.

The boy spent long stretches of time playing games on his iPad, even falling to sleep with the device in his arms. After complaining of neck pain, the boy was taken to the doctor and had x-rays taken.

The boy was apparently experiencing a type of bone deformation called spondylosis in his neck due to the position of his head while playing with his iPad.

Reports state that the child needed three to six months to recover. Perhaps he can pass the time with an iPod Touch?


7岁娃玩iPad玩出颈椎病 [NdDaily via MIC]

(Top photo: aslysun | Shutterstock)

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