The World Ends with You is getting a new game for smartphones. It's a social game called The World Ends with You: Live Remix, and it features songs from the previous game.

According to Famitsu, the game uses touch controls, and it's described as "an easy way" for players to enjoy The World Ends with You.

This summer, an iOS port of The World Ends with You was released.

At the end of the game, a sequel was teased. Is this that sequel?


Square Enix also revealed a new Final Fantasy social game called Final Final X Gree, which is a collaboration between Square Enix and, well, Gree. It's a card based social title.



Both games are expected to be out this winter in Japan.

新作ソーシャルゲーム 『ファイナルファンタジー×GREE(仮題)』と『すばらしきこのせかい LIVE Remix』発表 [ファミ通]

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