The upcoming standalone version of DayZ, currently a mod for military sim ArmA II, won't look too different from the original. As you'll see from these screenshots, the first released for the project.

There's no people. No zombies. No buses. Just empty buildings, which look a lot like those already found in the game, albeit maybe a little better furnished.

In a nice touch, it's explained that not only are these in-progress shots, but they're taken on "normal" graphics settings, so those with more powerful systems can expect something a little crisper.

It's probably a good way to ease people into the game, truth be told! Don't get their hopes up. Just gently remind them that, hey, this is mostly going to be the same thing you're playing now, only a lot less janky. We hope.

Interior work in progress screenshots taken from inside DayZ standalone [DayZ]