You know how promotional photos for fast food restaurants always look delicious? And then you get the burger, and it looks like a dog's breakfast?

That's often the case, and the special burger tower that's hitting Lotteria doesn't look to be an exception. Japanese site Rocket News has photos of both tower burgers (which you can actually order anytime, but at a much higher price).

These burgers will be available this week (Tuesday is huge cheeseburger day, while Friday is huge fried shrimp day) at discount prices.


Now it's just a matter of whether or not you can stomach the sloppy reality of those enormous burgers. Truth be told, the shrimp burger doesn't look that bad. Though, I can already feel my arteries screaming in agony.


【ロッテリア】タワーチーズバーガーの前に立ちはだかる「理想」と厳しい「現実」 [ロケットニュース24]

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