Above is the real deal. That's faux Sony exec and PlayStation spokesman Kevin Butler. Actor Jerry Lambert portrays the character in the long running series of PlayStation commercials. Rather portrayed as Sony is suing him over a commercial that featured the Wii.

Part of the defense in the lawsuit, it seems, is that the Kevin Butler wasn't actually in the disputed commercial.

Granted, it wasn't very smart of Lambert to appear in an ad with the Wii—especially after mocking the console in a PlayStation ad. But he's an actor, not an actual PlayStation exec. And his disputed appearance begs the question: Is it possible to tell the difference between Kevin Butler and Jerry Lambert? Or do you need a PlayStation product to help you do so? Lambert wearing a shirt and tie doesn't necessarily make him Kevin Butler.


Here's a quiz that might or might not answer just that! Try to discern which ones are Jerry Lambert playing Kevin Butler and which ones are Jerry Lambert playing other people.




[Brad Grenz@YouTube]