The "Machi Asobi" event (above) in Tokushima, Japan is a gathering of gamers, anime fans, and other otaku. Part of the event is open air, meaning that organizers must contend with things like the weather. That's expected.

This fall, however, they had to deal with something totally unexpected: scary hornets.

On Sunday morning, eleven individuals were stung by Japanese hornets (suzumebachi or スズメバチ). According to NHK, the victims were both men and women, ranging between 17 and 47 years old. Some of the victims were on their way to Machi Asobi event, while others were heading out to go hiking.

Out of the 11 were stung, one continued to get medical treatment. The condition of all who were stung was not serious.

Japanese hornets, especially the Japanese giant hornet, can be deadly serious (pun totally intended), with giant hornets killing something like forty people each year in Japan. Glad to hear these individuals seem to be okay.


Website Gigazine, which was in Tokushima for Machi Asobi, snapped this picture of where the hornets attacked. After ambulances arrived on the scene, this area was blocked off.


ハチに刺され11人搬送 徳島 [NHK]
徳島でスズメバチに刺され11人が搬送、登山道が封鎖に [Gigazine]

(Top photo: Gigazine)

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