Taiwan's Next Media, famous for its Sims like news recreations, totally pissed off Cathay Pacific when it ran a video showing male passengers pleasuring themselves in business class. The above clip might be NSFW.

"Cathay Pacific, of course, did not like the video," Next Media wrote on YouTube. "It asked NMA to remove the video but we refused. Never in the course of Cathay's correspondence with NMA did Cathay address the issue that males passengers have been seen masturbating aboard Cathay flights."

According to Next Media, the airline apparently had YouTube take down the original video. The Taiwanese news outlet responded by reposting the video, affirming that the content was protected under U.S. copyright law, which makes exceptions for satire, parody, and criticism.

"We don't like censorship," wrote Next Media. "We don't like bullies." And supposedly business class passengers on Cathay Pacific like masturbation.

Cathay Pacific doesn't want you to see this video [YouTube via MIC Gadget]

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