Last year, a young monk in his early 20s was arrested in the Qingpu district of Shanghai for stealing from another monk. Among the items he took, was an iPhone. According to recent reprots, this monk was sentenced to one year in prison and fined 6,000 yuan (about $946).

According to court documents, the young monk, named Wang, was convinced to steal the items by his girlfriend. That's right, this monk had a girlfriend. Wang met his girlfriend, Zhang, while doing his "daily monk" activities. The two originally started as causal friends before becoming BF and GF.


Last November, Zhang went to the temple to visit her monk boyfriend, where the two overheard another monk talk about his worldly possessions, possessions that included a Sony laptop, 3,600 yuan in cash and an iPhone.

After stealing his fellow monk's laptop, money and iPhone, Wang proceeded to give his iPhone to his girlfriend as a gift. As if becoming addicted to stealing, Wang and Zhang proceeded to steal various items from the other monks of the monastery. Eventually, the two were caught.

Zhang was sentenced to criminal detention for five months and fined 1,000 yuan.

Interestingly enough, when Buddhists become monks they have to give up all their worldly possessions as well as try to break away from their earthly attachments; however, it seems modern Chinese monks are allowed partake in the digital world.

90后小和尚偷师兄iPhone与女友共销赃 [腾讯]

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