Nyotaimori—the practice of eating sushi off a woman's body—is not really a thing in Japan.

That isn't to say it doesn't exist, but you'd probably have an easier time finding a nyotaimori place outside Japan. For example, there's an Italian sushi chain that's apparently happy to help you live out those dehumanizing food fantasies.

According to Japanese site Rocket News, who visited a So Sushi chain restaurant in Italy, there was "THE FIRST NYOTAIMORI KIT" on sale. The kit is really an Italian made poster, which says "Presents Yoshiko" (apparently Yoshiko is the model?). RocketNews wasn't sure if the topless poster was a real model or a CG creation.

The idea is that you are apparently supposed to eat your sushi off this poster. Perhaps, this is a gag item? (Shame the joke is at the expense of Japanese women and Japanese food culture!)


As with other Western depictions of nyotaimori, the motif is tropical and not even Japanese per se. RocketNews ends its report by pointing out that nyotaimori "is not popular in Japan" and that the people of Italy shouldn't be mistaken that it is.

【画像あり】イタリアの寿司屋が「日本では女体盛りがポピュラー」だと勘違いしている件 / 家庭用女体盛りキット発売中 [ロケットニュース]

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