Okay, let's be fair. The PS3 is not silly looking. Nor is Batman or an elephant. But buildings that resemble them? Or saltshakers? And sperm? Silly.

Japanese website Heaven has a round up of buildings from across the globe that either accidentally resemble things—or totally resemble them by design.

Some of the buildings Kotaku has posted before—such as the Namba Parks Building (way back in 2010) and more recently, the toilet house in Suweon, South Korea.

Have a look at the above gallery. Can you tell which buildings were inspired by their real world counterparts and which ones are merely kwinky-dinks?


Awful Buildings Designed [Heaven]

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Holiday Inn - Townsend, Australia


Chang Buidling - Bangkok, Thailand

Toilet House - Suweon, South Korea


AT&T Building - Nashville, Tennessee

Namba Parks Building - Osaka, Japan


De Young Museum - San Francisco, USA

Fang Yuan Da Sha - Shenyang, China


Apartment - Malaga, Spain

Asahi Building - Tokyo, Japan