Level-5, the folks behind Professor Layton, are bringing the first three Inazuma Eleven Nintendo DS games to the 3DS with sharper graphics. Above, you can see how the original graphics stack up to the 3DS ones.

As part of Inazuma Eleven's fifth anniversary, the three games will be out this winter as a single compilation called Inazuma Eleven 1, 2, 3: Legend of Mamoru Endou. This winter, Level-5 will also put out the next Inazuma Eleven game, Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stone.

Inazuma Eleven Comparison Screenshots Show Sharper Mark Evans On 3DS [Siliconera]

Inazuma Eleven 1, 2, 3 Coming To Nintendo 3DS As A Compilation [Siliconera]

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