Beat Takeshi isn't just a comedian. Or an actor. Or a writer. Or a filmmaker. Or a variety show host. Or a video game designer. He's also an artist.

Until September 2, Takeshi is exhibiting a showcase of his art. The collection was first shown in 2010 at a gallery in Paris. Takeshi first started painting in 1994 during the rehabilitation from a motorcycle accident that left half his face paralyzed.


In a press conference for the original exhibition, Takeshi said, "I don't define myself as a contemporary artist. I'm just a modest idea maker. I feel very embarrassed when people define me as an artist. I want to show pieces. Easy to understand, funny pieces. I want to share with you the pleasure that I had by creating this exhibition."

Website Rocket News recently checked out the Takeshi exhibit at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in Shinjuku.

"Beat" Takeshi Kitano Exhibition in Tokyo is Not Supposed to Make Sense, "I just want you to have fun" [Rocket News]