Fancy costumes! Naked people! Doing it! That's the pitch, and in Japan, adult video makers try to appeal to otaku (geeks) with flicks featuring porn stars dressed up as video game characters. Sounds like sexy time, right? Eh...

In visual mediums—whether that be video games, movies, or whatever—the background is extremely important. It can make or break the scene. It sets the stage.


The vast majority of video game parodies, however, don't give two fucks about background, which is fine when you have people bumping uglies. But when you have folks dressed up as characters, it ends up looking...odd.

But so does most cosplay, especially at events. When cosplayers are posing in convention halls, the effect is lost somewhat and many times you are left with a person who is simply dressed up as a character. However, when cosplayers have proper portraits done with suitable backgrounds, the spirit of the character can often come across better. That's the problem with most of these dirty flicks—they're people in outfits. It's all artifice.

Granted, it's not always so cheap. Adult star Ran Asakawa was at the forefront of the video-games-with-screwing genre at the turn of the century with elaborate costumes and decent enough production values.

Website Cosplay JAV is cataloging many of the video game and anime based adult flicks. There are a buttload! The site is largely safe for work—as safe as a site that chronicles Japanese adult movies can be. Make that, how ridiculously out of place the video game and anime inspired parodies can be. Have a look.

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Electric guitar plus bathtub does not equal K-On! It equals a bad idea.

How do I look? Standing on this apartment balcony?

Nice cabinets.

Loading a gun. Next to a cheap stereo.

Sometimes even Chun-Li likes to stroll around the neighborhood.

"Whatcha doin'?" "Oh, just makin' a cosplay outfit while...wearing a cosplay outfit."

Yep, Morrigan.

The King of Fighters? No, bathers.

That sofa.

There's nothing very King of the Pirates about this living room. with tabasco.

Nice locker.

Yep, Fujiko Mine. In some dude's living room.

Mai Shiranui and Chun-Li talking smack to a group of hostesses. No, really.

There's nothing Final Fantasy about this room. At all.


Even Dragon Quest characters need to take the bus.

Got the fan heater on I see...

There's two of them. Geddit. Two?

Sofa meet concrete wall.

"Whatcha doin'?" "Oh, just cutting carrots."