As a kid, I can still remember getting that gold NES Legend of Zelda cartridge and popping in the game for the first time. It was the start of Link's journey—and the start of mine. I'm willing to bet, I wasn't alone.

Link is not only one of Nintendo's most iconic characters; he's also one of gaming's. Fans love him—they love dressing up as him, little green hat and all.

Here, on Who Wore It Best?, we try to suss out who pulled off the best Link. Think of this being like a dinner party at which two people showed up in the same outfit. Here, they showed up as the same character: Link.

So who wore Link the best? Have a look through the gallery, filled with Links and links to their websites.

(Top photo: Adellalede/rmthompson/Knightfourteen/KiSaGaaNe-Kanda)