The Transformers Masterpiece line of figures exists for one reason: so cashed-up adults can buy giant, expensive versions of toys that finally look like they should have back in the 1980s.

They've been a little hit-and-miss of late, some wonderful figures (like Grimlock) balanced out by some lazy repaints (ie every Decepticon jet), but this upcoming Soundwave piece might just be the best one yet.


While it costs over USD$150, it does come with a Laserbeak figure, as well as accessories like a cassette case, a little Megatron gun, a non-transforming cassette and, best of all, an empty energon cube.

Due in December, there'll also apparently be more of his little cassette minions like Ravage and Rumble released in 2013.

The shots here are from a prototype figure; you can see him in colour, as well as get a good look at his accessories, here.

New Masterpiece Transformers arrive from Planet Pre-order [Tomopop]