I'm a fan of Lore in a Minute!, a site that breaks down a game's lore and story in easily digestible, humorous movies. It's great for if you want to hop into a series midway through without going back and slogging through long, older games.

I headed over there to check out their fun new BioShock Lore in a Minute! video, and wound up going through a few old ones that I'd never seen.

I've wanted to get into the Kingdom Hearts games for a long time. Given the fact that it sounds like we're finally getting another HD version on consoles, it would probably be a good time to bone up on the story I'd missed.

So, I watched this video. I've always known that Kingdom Hearts had some dense lore, so it made sense that it took the folks at Lore In a Minute almost two minutes to sum up the story of Kingdom Hearts. But after watching it… I still have no idea what the hell is going on in Kingdom Hearts.


So, I have to ask: What the fuck is going on in these games? Does anyone really understand the story? Is it really as much of a clusterfuck as it seems?

I love a dense video game story as much as the next guy, but this seems absurd. Has anyone ever created a functional recap of the events of these games? Or is that part of the appeal?

If we get an HD Kingdom Hearts game, I hope that I'll be able to play it and understand at least some of what's going on. Or heck, maybe I can watch this video a couple dozen more times and see if I finally start to follow.