As far as video game characters get, few are as iconic as Street Fighter's Chun-Li. She's not only a player favorite, but also a fan one. Many a cosplayer has donned her qipao. But who wore it best? Let's find out.

In the above gallery, there's a smattering of Chun-Li cosplay. It's a small sampling. There might be better cosplay out there, but this is like when two people show up at a party wearing the same getup. Who wore it (here, the outfit) better?


So from this sample, let's see how these folks handle Chun-Li's spike bracelets, ribbons, tights, and qipao. We'll leave pulling off the Spinning Bird kicks to Chun-Li herself.

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[Elin Kuzunoha]


[Haruna Anno]

[Miki Mizuno]

[Yuuri Morishita]

[Olivia Munn]

[Yoshinori Ono]





[Ryu Ji Hye]


[Tiny Chun-Li]

Jackie Chan