Toast isn't just something you eat at breakfast. Oh no. It's also a canvas for cute character art.

Why just spread jam on your bread, when you can cover it in Pikachu?

The trend first started to pick up steam in 2008, but existed before that. New Zealand artist Maurice Bennet was exhibiting toast art a decade ago.

Several Japanese food blogs continue to post toasted character bread called "Toast Art" or even "Picture Drawn Toast". Recently, Japanese sites have been linking to toast artists Apple Cheek 88 and Kummy.

But it's also easy to see toast art's appeal. For those who want to make their own toast art, here's how: Cut out shapes in aluminum foil and place them on bread. Put said bread in a toaster. That's it! I've included photos in the above gallery to hopefully make these easy directions easier. Note that you might have a trickier time making toast art if you have a pop-up toaster.

If you are interested, there is more toast art right here for you to eat up.