In today's build-your-own edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Arok Lazarus shares with us how he and his girlfriend spent his first day playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360. What did you do?

Wooh Minecraft on the 360!

Here's what I did my first day on it: My girlfriend and I splitscreened the game for several hours and after doing the tutorial we went to live in the tutorial town for a while. My first night in the bed in a nice pre-built house I was attacked by a creeper! In my house with the door closed! My girlfriend slept in the prison, although we weren't aware it was a prison until I accidentally locked her in. After this little mishap we stockpiled our resources (we had no idea what we were doing so I got a few fish and some more wooden tools) and struck off for new land to call our own.

Settled for a land south of the tutorial town and promptly tunneled a cave to live in temporarily. The next day I scouted for a place to build a house and my girlfriend started gathering more resources. Several creeper attacks over the course of a few days had us rebuilding our cave for a while and ultimately build a secret back entrance so we could escape if there was a creeper at our front door. Now we've managed to mostly level a very tall hill and we are now filling it in with dirt so we can start building our home.

In short, I love this game! I played it once on my laptop but the terrible frame rate made it an unenjoyable experience to say the least. Now however I can see why so many people love this game. I think the nice soundtrack really helps the game a lot too.

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