No cause for alarm. I just thought you might like to chat.

I'm the editor-in-chief of Kotaku. You're a Kotaku reader.

How are things? How are we doing?

Do you like our programming blocks? Kotaku Melodic? Kotaku East? Any others? Hate any of them? I've been enjoying Owen's Anger Management more than I thought I would. It always makes me laugh. (Which doesn't mean that Off-Kilter makes me angry, mind you.)


Did you read Kate's terrific Mother's Day piece? Did you send your mom a card yet??

I was wondering: aside from "not at all", what would be the ideal way for us to cover cell phone games? What we're doing? Something different?


Oh? You want to know a little about what we're up to these days? Well, we're going to E3 soon. Things will be a bit mad there. I was recently interviewed about the show. They asked me to predict winners and losers. Already. Crazy, no? I think the show will be big. We're sending lots of people. One for every Wii U launch game? We'll see!

I've run previous "From the EIC" notes on Kotaku when there were big changes coming. This time, I just wanted to see how things are going, answer any questions you might have (my middle name is "Andrew", yes), that sort of thing.

Ask away! Feedback ahoy! Etc!

(Top image is from E3 2011. I was playing a Wii U tech demo at that moment.)