Today, President Barack Obama announced his support for gay marriage. At which point the internet at large threw the guy so many high-fives Vishnu himself would've probably been a bit overwhelmed.

And yeah, maybe it was kinda bullshitty and way overdue and certainly politically calculated, but still. It's nice that he said it.

Of course, video games were there way ahead of Obama, and you don't see video games running for president, do you? (Though in all seriousness, I'd totally vote for Fallout 2.)

Our own Chris Person put together this video celebrating some of video gaming's most memorable and heartwarming same-sex marriages. Also, somehow the one from Serious Sam 2 snuck in there.

In truth, only some video games are so far ahead of the curve. Plenty more have a long ways go. Hmm… almost sounds like a metaphor for the states of the Union or something…

In all seriousness: Overdue or not, good on you, Barack.