It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a lovebird hanging nearly twenty stories above the ground dressed as Superman.

Just look at those balloons. And those tights. And that crane. Things are about to get heart-warming.

In the Jiangsu province city of Lianyungang, an unnamed gentleman showed up in a Superman costume, riding a scooter and carrying a bouquet of red roses and towing balloons.

The event could be a publicity stunt of some sort (for Chevy?). That still doesn't make it any less sweet or any less wonderful. Or it could just be a very creative boyfriend, because, well, he doesn't show up in a Chevy Cruze. (Maybe he asked a local dealership to help out?)

According to Chinese media reports, there were a grand total of 9,999 balloons. In China, the number nine symbolizes "old" or "forever". Thus, this Superman was showing his sweetheart that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.


And to drive home the point that he was her guy, the young man donned a harness and had a crane lift him around twenty stories off the ground (Chinese news reports say 19 stories), so he could descend and propose, ring in hand.

The young woman said yes, and the happily couple rode off on the scooter, roses in hand. Congrats to these two!

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(Top photo: 中国的爆発日記)