Are you addicted to cosplay? Adult cosplay? If so, does Japan have an event for you. Over the weekend, "Cosholic" steamrolled Tokyo.

The event is 18 years-old-and-up for good reason. The cosplayers on hand specialize in "erotic cosplay". Some of them are former adult film actresses. Some of them still are. Some of them aren't at all, but rather, simply enjoy dressing up in revealing video game or anime outfits.

Oddly, Cosholic regular Ushijima Ii Niku, who recently had police problems in Taiwan, was apparently not on hand. However, her newest protégée, actress Luchino Fujisaki, who very much resembles Ushijma, was there to launch her photo ROM, which Ushijima produced.

The above gallery might have images courtesy of Japanese blog Asagawo that could be NSFW (depending on where you work!). Japanese magazine Nikkan Spa has far more explicit images.


In the past few years, cosplay at video game and various otaku events was becoming increasingly sexualized and explicit. Thus, event organizers began demanding that cosplayers adhere to rules to keep things relatively decent. Those rules go right out the window at Cosholic, which, really, is the point.

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