How do you celebrate a 30th birthday? With some cake? Presents? If you are Macross, you do it with a 1/1 scale VF-25 Valkyrie.

Sci-fi anime Macross debuted in 1982 as The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, which was reworked as part of the hodgepodge known as Robotech for the West.

This variable fighter is on display in Tokyo through May 6, and these photos come courtesy of sister site Kotaku Japan. Click here for more details about the event.

[マクロス超時空展覧会] ド迫力の「1/1 VF-25F バルキリー」であなたもキラッ☆ってしてみよう! [Kotaku Japan]
[マクロス超時空展覧会]みんなが俺の翼だ! 「ランカ」「シェリル」「ミンメイ」を等身大フィギュアで再現 [Kotaku Japan]