Everybody has a hobby. Some people enjoy listening to records. Others collect baseball cards. If you read Kotaku, chances are that your hobby is video games. But Professor Sakai's?

Japanese blogs have recently been pointing to Sakai's website, dubbing it "way too frightening" and "creepy". The site shows off his collection of "realistic" love dolls.


Sakai's hobby is taking photos of them, dressing them, and...riding his Harley with them. Sometimes the dolls go camping. Other times, they cosplay (Lara Croft?). "These dolls are my family," Sakai wrote. "And they are not things."

His site has been online since 1997—and has the web design to prove it. Prof. Sakai, who really seems to like America, was on Japanese TV a few years back to explain the real doll subculture to the masses.

This subculture isn't a Japanese thing only, and there are those living the life outside Japan.


So if you are down with Sakai's hobby, he even provides directions on his NSFW website, so you can swing by his doll museum and, um, hang out with his 20-odd dolls, and have them hold drinks or set them up to chop vegetables and have them just...stand there.

As long as nobody gets hurt, to each his (or her) own, I guess!

Have a coffeebreak. [Shuzenji via ラビト速報]