It's the battle of the ladies cosplaying as iconic fighting game character Mai Shiranui. Earlier this year, Taiwanese model Yoyo appeared dressed as the jiggly ninja to promote her new picture book. This time?

This time it's Chinese model Li Mengtian, who also goes by the moniker Shan Shan Maity. Earlier this spring, she released a set of photos in which she cosplayed as Mai. Some (many?) of the pictures were heavily Photoshopped. (However, the above gallery also contains images with slightly less photo manipulation.)


Currently a student, Maity has also appeared at game events in her native China. Like Yoyo, she is also an online game spokesmodel. Maity is the official face of online game Shen Xian Dao. And like Yoyo, she's a real-life Mai Shiranui. Nippon ichi? More like China.

Check out Maity's official blog in the link below.

闪闪maity [Sina]

(Photos: Baidu/Weibo)