Today, Tokyo is getting its second Gundam cafe. This one is in Odaiba, near the Fuji TV building. Out front, there's an enormous one-to-one scale Gundam—you know, if you can't find the cafe.

Inside, you can guzzle Gundam coffee and munch on Gundam snacks. There is also a Gundam "theme park", Gundam Front, with attractions, a shop shilling souvenirs, and a collection of Gundam art. In the same complex, there's also Strict-G, a store selling high-fashion Gundam clothing.

If you live in Tokyo, but cannot make it out to Odaiba, there is also a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara. It has Gundam restrooms. Just remember that if someone salutes you, salute them back.

In the above gallery, check out photos from websites Akiba Kakaku and Famitsu.

ガンダムカフェの新店がお台場に! 限定「ガンプラ焼 シャアザク」「ビームチュロス」など [アキバ総研]
「ガンダムフロント東京」、内部が明らかに! お台場にオープンする「ガンダム」専門施設 [アキバ総研]