Overdosing on Photoshop isn't only big in Asia. Kids in the West are running wild with it too in an effort to look like a real-life anime characters.

As previously posted, this seems to be the new thing, looking drawn-to-life, complete with a heart-shaped face, tiny head, enormous eyes, and long limbs. There are already googly-eyed real-life dolls like Venus Palermo and Dakota Rose. The above individual was spotted on Russian social networking site Vkontakte.

Not all the photos appear to be retouched, but many of them do. Online in Russia and the Ukraine, people wonder is this lady is indeed real or if she only exists in software, like China's totally fake real-life blow-up doll.

Many of these photos might look odd, but the best thing about Photoshop? Cheaper than surgery, safer than extreme dieting, and no scaring. Have at it, kids.

Hey Is She Real [English Russia via Naver]