Reddit user lurker_becomes_lurkd has turned the draw distance on World of Warcraft all the way up to eleven, and in a series of screenshots lets us look down on the world of Azeroth as though we were Gods.

It's...clearly not designed to be seen from this kind of distance (it needed some tweaks - not hacks! - to get the camera up there), but at the same time it still looks amazing, especially for a game that's approaching its tenth birthday. Shows what a strong colour palette can do your longevity.


The man responsible tells us he took the screens on his flying mount, having removed the game's fog and extended its draw distance, tweaks that he's been told by one of the game's GMs are totally fine (as opposed to hacks which, given this is an online game, can result in bans).

This is a view from the top of Nordrassil all the way down to the southern shore of Uldum. View distance set at 21000 (in-game settings max out at 1250). [Reddit, via PC Gamer]