Music has its Elvis impersonators, but video games? Video games have cosplayers, but there's a difference in the nuance. "Cosplay" implies an element of play—as though you are going from outfit to outfit. Not this lady.

This lady is Elin Kuzunoha, and while she's cosplayed as characters from One Piece and Final Fantasy, there is one character she focuses on: Street Fighter's Chun-Li.


Kuzunoha's website is wall-to-wall Chun-Li, her blog is all Chun-Li, her Twitter account has Chun-Li splashed all over it. You get the idea pretty quick that the Japanese native really likes Chun-Li.

And not only does she like Chun-Li, she looks like her. Her wardrobe also boasts a variety of outfits. It doesn't stop there. Kuzunoha is the same height as Chun-Li, the same blood type, and she has roughly the same measurements (Kuzunoha's bust is slightly larger, and her hips slightly smaller). But damn, she even has Chun-Li's poses down cold.

Kuzunoha isn't dressing up as Chun-Li. She's probably as close as we're going to get to the character in the flesh. Elin Kuzunoha is Chun-Li.

Check her work in the above gallery. More in the links below. [Official Site via Deviant Art]