What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Pre-owned has really killed core games."—David Braben, founder of British developer Frontier Developments, talking about how single-player core games are dying.


QUOTE | "By pushing Durango's unveiling back a year, Microsoft could find itself going head to head with Sony."—Chris Morris, veteran games industry journalist, on why Microsoft is keeping the Durango under wraps this year.

QUOTE | "I look forward to the end of boxes and disks. Kill them with fire for all I care."—Runic CEO Max Schaefer , creators of Torchlight, blaming triple-A titles for stifling the industry.

STAT | $227 million—Value of the shares that Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, is selling in a secondary stock offering, which reduces his voting power from 36.5% to 35.9%.


QUOTE | "This is the war for the desktop, the mobile device and the couch."—Grant Goodale, CEO of Massively Fun, talking about HTML 5 and how the browser is the next entertainment platform.

QUOTE | "Apple's readying for the next console war with its new iPad."—Steve Peterson, West Coast Editor at GamesIndustry International, talking about how Apple is preparing to do battle for the living room.

QUOTE | "Josh and I pushed Activision to do it repeatedly."—Tony Hawk, pro skateboarder, talking about how he and Josh Tsui of developer Robomodo got Activision to agree to bring back Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

QUOTE | "A step to the next generation of classical consoles seems to have fear in a lot of peoples' eyes."—Doublesix CEO James Brooksby, talking about how developers and publishers are looking at the new wave of console hardware coming up.

QUOTE | "Never have I been at a better place to just make the games I love to make."—Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile entertainment, talking about the success of the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter campaign.

STAT | 25-30%—Percentage of the 20 million+ players in World of Tanks actually paying for content in the free-to-play game, one of the highest ratios in the industry.


QUOTE | "Unreal Engine 3 appears set to dominate state-of-the-art mobile gaming."—Richard Leadbetter, tech-savvy Eurogamer journalist talking about the future of Epic's engine that powers many of the best-selling console games.

QUOTE | "The scary thought is that it's kind of turning out to be like the rest of the industry."—Ready at Dawn boss Ru Weerasuriya, talking about how big companies have the best success in the mobile game market.

STAT | 1 in 10—Number of teens in Western countries that have registered on Habbo, the social network for teens that's now opening up to third-party game developers.

This Week in the Business courtesy of GamesIndustry International

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