Christian Allen had to use his firearm yesterday to kill a bad dog.

Normally this kind of story wouldn't make it to us, but Washington State-based Christian Allen is a video game developer and a gun expert. Specifically, he's the guy we told you about recently who's trying to make an old-school tactical shooter with Kickstarter funding.

Allen had to take a break from working on that Kickstarter yesterday when two angry dogs, who he believes killed his pet rabbits and possibly a neighbor's kitten started terrorizing his goats, killing one.


On his company website, Allen delivers a fascinatingly precise account. Here's an excerpt:

I entered my home and retrieved my firearm, a Radom P-64 9x18mm pistol. I returned to the goat pen, and noted that the tan dog had now eviscerated one goat, "Lonely," and was mauling it as it struggled to stand, while the other dog was attacking the other goat, "Billy," which was trapped in the now-overturned doghouse inside the pen, biting it around the haunches and tail. As a former Marine and CCW holder, trained in the proper use of firearms, I evaluated the situation, and based on the danger to my animals on my property, and because I did not feel safe approaching dogs that I felt were dangerous, I judged that the only option was to employ my weapon. I judged that there was a proper backdrop to fire my weapon without endangering others, and so I discharged my weapon. I fired until the threat to my animals was stopped, a total of seven rounds.

Once the attack stopped, I reloaded and holstered my weapon and observed that the tan dog was not moving, and the black and white dog had retreated away from my goat and sat down in the corner of the goat pen. One goat was dying, as its insides were spilled out. The other had minor wounds visible but appeared from a distance to be in livable condition. Because one dog was alive and mobile, and I still felt it may be dangerous, I did not enter the goat pen. I then called 911 and apprised them of the situation. The first goat, "Lonely," died while I was on the phone to 911.

Allen's other goat, Billy, needed stitches but Allen notes that the "Doc thinks he will be ok."


The situation was extraordinary and, to Allen, very sad. It's also illuminating. Allen's no joke. He understands firearms, control and strategy. It's no surprise that he wants to make the hardcore tactical shooting game—in which planning, precision and adherence to the rules of engagement are paramount—popular again.

A Bad day for me: Dog attack and shots fired []