Sometimes you just get fed up. You think there are no good guys out there. And all you're left doing is wearing shiny armor and holding a sign, because, well, you're looking for a boyfriend.

Because that's supposedly what one young woman in China did. Twice.

The woman's name is not currently known, but she appeared wearing immaculate golden armor, sign in hand. The woman told reporters, "I want a man that is the same as the holy warriors, full of justice and responsibility, a good man!" Or did she want something else entirely? You know, attention.

In the past few years, there have been a handful of Chinese woman who have captured the country's attention by holding signs, advertising their desire to find a mate.

The woman is apparently disheartened by the current lot of males and is looking for her knight in shinning armor—while she wears, um, shinning armor. The unnamed woman is dressed as Gemini Saga from manga Saint Seiya. The sign says that she is searching for a saint-like man.

In China, Saint Seiya is iconic. The Japanese anime is not on the air anymore, but, like Slam Dunk, it strikes a core with the generation who came of age during the 1980s and 90s.


"You can take pictures if you want," the bottom of the sign reads. "I won't reject anyone." Many did just that.

Chinese websites like this (via Kotaku Japan) are flooded with photos of this woman. And the woman, who first appeared in Guangzhou, later appeared Shanghai—a 17-hour train ride from Guangzhou. It's odd that a woman would dress up in armor and then travel nearly a day by train to stand outside in said armor with her sign and pose for photos. Surely she could find nice fellas closer to Guangzhou!

It all sounds like a publicity stunt. Chinese website People's Daily thinks it is (and so do I), noting that there's a new Saint Seiya game, Legend of Saints, out in China. So if this Gemini is looking for an upright man, she's going to be a little more upright herself.

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