The Mass Effect 3 Datapad is a free iPad and iPhone app that lets people read about the game's alien races and other lore while they are on the go.

It also lets them raise their Galactic Readiness in their Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC versions of the game via a simple mini-game in the app—without having to play the main game's multiplayer!

That's not all.

It has a news feed. It has a news feed that the people behind the Mass Effect 3 Datapad might want to re-think. When I downloaded the app on Sunday night and saw there were at least 10 pieces of news waiting for me to read, I found what you can see in the image above. (Click it to enlarge it.)


Do the makers of the Datapad really want me to think that their game's latest news is that they're a punching bag for people who are pissed about Mass Effect 3's ending? And that they're fielding possible bug reports?

I'm thinking that defining "Mass Effect 3 News" as "the stuff that the person who runs the Mass Effect Twitter account just Tweeted" isn't such a hot idea. We don't even do that.