The Internet was abuzz today with rumors about a possible Epic Mickey 2 for Nintendo 3DS following a tweet from France's Nintendo Magazine yesterday afternoon.

Translation (courtesy Google Translate):

The presentation of Epic Mickey 2 will take place next week. 3DS version, Power of Illusion, more "classic" 2D is also planned.

Though the sourcing here is flimsy (and this magazine has been wrong before), it's almost a certainty that we'll see something about the Disney-helmed platformer on Thursday night, when reporter Geoff Keighley and Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector chat on Game Trailer TV. They're promising more information about Spector's "latest project."

Rumors have circulated about the next Epic Mickey for quite some time now. One report suggested that the project would be officially confirmed this month.

By next week, we should know for sure whether the next Epic Mickey will be on 3DS, Wii, Wii U, or some combination of the three.

La présentation d'Epic Mickey 2 [Twitter]