This was once Édouard Manet's controversial work "Olympia". Now it's this.

So how does this work, do you folks choose the 1,000 words, or do I throw out a few to get you started, like "What" or "The" or maybe "Fudge". It's probably best if you just choose your own.

Discovered via a NSFW website you really, really don't want to go to. Seriously. This we can post, as it is at least a work of classical art. The other bits? No way. There's not a Kotaku compromise fish big enough.

Update: The image, first encountered via the dubious source above, is the work of Poupon, also the creator of such masterpieces as "The Krogan Lisa", "The Creation of Grunt", and "The Portrait of Spacepope Wrex I". This piece pictured here is called "Krolympia".


Krolympia [For Me to Poupon via (NSFW) The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Mass Effect Porn]