It's Mass Effect 3 week, and BioWare's latest is so powerful and compelling it even made it into a Gaming App of the Day post—and a fairly negative one at that. Oh well, at least we've got Snake.

Mass Effect 3 tie-in Infiltrator did not make a good impression on Evan Narcisse, so much so that he took a break from covering the Game Developers Conference to deliver his verdict, and he didn't even do Panel Discussion this week. From that we can theorize that Evan hated the game more than he loves comic books. That's almost frightening.

But do not fret! There's plenty to do this week other than save the universe, like helping a snake eat things, drawing some stuff, or going on a bar-hopping role-playing adventure. Those sound just as good, don't they?

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

This Isn't Some New Snake. It's the Old Snake.

While people had been trying to put games on mobile phones for years, it wasn't until Nokia's humble little version of arcade classic Snake in 1997 that the idea was taken a little more seriously. More »

Mass Effect Infiltrator Presents a Slice of the Galaxy That's Not Worth Exploring

When it comes to games like Mass Effect Infiltrator, there's no avoiding the fact that you're going to be getting a stripped-down version of a console experience. The key question, then, is whether the necessary whittling-down can preserve enough the essence of the original version to become a worthwhile spin-off. EA's done it before, with a Dead Space game that translated the spooky scares and frantic combat of the sci-fi horror franchise's console iteration. But, sadly, Mass Effect Infiltrator doesn't do anywhere near as good a job as that iOS game. More »

Draw Something, Even If It Looks Like A Two-Year Old's Work of Art

Do you want a challenge? I'm not talking about how well you can aim a headshot, or the dexterity of your fingers that speaks to how good a platform gamer you are. I'm talking about communication. OMGPOP's Draw Something is a drawing game that challenges your ability to take a concept-like "dolphin"-and translate that into a drawing. More »

Mix Drinks, Battle Slimes, And Cook Dragons in Adventure Bar Story

The best way to describe Adventure Bar Story, out today for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, might be "Final Fantasy meets Animal Crossing." More »

NFL Kicker Is Up, and It's Good

I figured I had the perfect last name for an NFL placekicker. I'd come in and toe an impossibly long game-winner in the Super Bowl, and the next day, over a picture of me with both arms raised, the banner headline would read "IT'S GOOD." Of course I am. More »