Effect | TOKYO, JAPAN: As seen at a recent Mass Effect press event. (Photo: azixero | GameWatchImpress)

Are These Doom 4 Screenshots?

These images, supposedly from Doom 4, have popped up. It seems they were inadvertently spilled by the portfolio of artist Thao Le, a senior environmental artist at id Software (and since taken down). More »

When You Love Games So Much, You Dress Up as Them

Ask cosplayer Motiusagi about her favorite games, and she'll rattle off titles like Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, or her favorite, Final Fantasy XII.
Then there's Persona, Catherine-the list is seemingly endless. More »

These Men Design Video Game Guns for a Living

rmory Studios occupy a fascinating little niche in the video game concept art business: they specialise in the design of firearms.
Based in Southern Germany, rmory is "particularly proud of and known for our believable, functioning and appealing weapon designs". More »

Japanese Cops Crack Down on Darth Vader

When Darth Vader showed up in Osaka to march about and promote the 3D Star Wars flicks, it was glorious. When he did the same in Tokyo, it was glorious, too. More »

Indie Game Blocked by Nintendo Over "Questionable Religious Content"

One of 2011's more pleasant surprises was The Binding of Isaac, a game Totilo described as "a wonderfully warped Old Testament take on The Legend of Zelda".
It's been out on Steam for months now, but was also slated to appear on the 3DS eShop as a downloadable purchase. More »

The New White Xbox 360 Looks Gorgeous

Disclaimer: I have a very soft spot for bright, white consumer electronics. From the PSX to the white DSi to those limited white original Xbox consoles, I think they look great. More »

From Generic Bullet Fodder to Distinguished Heroes: Koreans in Video Games.

"Are you a North Korean?" I've been asked this question as often in America as I've been asked by Koreans if I own a gun, because all Americans own guns.
The answer to both is "no". More »

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