Any one of this week's Gaming Apps of the Day could easily crush you beneath their heavy metal feet. When all five of them join together, however, they're one giant pissed-off strategic defense robot that's got the Empire State in its sights. Will anyone survive?

Worry not, fair citizens; the only thing this week's apps will kill is productivity, and no one cries when productivity dies. Especially when the murderers are so entertaining and varied. We've got a map-based board game; a space-based real-time strategy title; a golf / solitaire hybrid; some tower defense; and whatever the hell it is Owen did this week.

This is the first week in ages I haven't actively contributed a Gaming App of the Day. I am slightly melancholy, but that's nothing giant robot metaphors can't fix.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

I've got a Ticket to Ride, and I Care, Very Much

If you've never played the board game Ticket to Ride, boy, are you missing out. It's almost the perfect game. There are enough cards and rules to keep serious board gamers thinking, but the basic gist is simple enough you can be up and playing in only a few minutes. More »

Fight Trolls With Towers In Towers N' Trolls

Gamers' reactions to tower defense games tend to go one of two ways. In one camp you have the devotees, the strategy junkies who need no excuse to set up towers and traps on their phones or desktops. In the other you have the haters, people who would rather do laundry or gouge out their eyes with nail files than spend even a minute fending off enemy waves with towers. More »

Mother Nature, The Coldest Real-Time Strategist of Them All

Eufloria HD is a brutal game. Oh sure, it looks to be all pastels and flowers, but beneath its groovy new-wave art-style and bloopy, soothing soundtrack lies a game about life-or-death survival. A very fun game about life-or-death survival, as it turns out. More »

Trust Me. Fairway Solitaire Is an iPhone Solitaire Game You Should Play.

When you write about video games for a living, you get so many e-mails about how great certain new video games are that they can't possibly all be true. More »

Puzzling Choices-Both Good and Bad-Define Furmins

Having seen enough of physics puzzles scored on one-to-three star scales, Furmins was going to have to show me something enjoyably different to get a nod in my App of the Day writeup. It did, but this game, by Housemarque, brings another unnecessary problem on itself in how it gets you to pay for it all. More »