It's a brave new Week in Gaming apps as Kotaku's fresh new faces take a crack at the millions of smartphone and tablet titles available for purchase and download. Guess what? A couple of them are Android-exclusive. Gives you shivers, doesn't it?

I meant the writers, of course. Not Android exclusive games. Not this week at least.

Up until recently I've been pulling much of the Android weight myself from week-to-week, foregoing my iPad in favor of whatever I could find on the Android Market. And while I enjoy Android gaming, I also enjoy Apple gaming, console gaming, handheld gaming, tabletop gaming, PC gaming, and head gaming.

Plus I just got an iPhone 4S. So there's that.

So behold five new gaming apps, some penned by people that have never penned one before. It's a bright new day. Let's all walk through the woods holding hands!


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Blissful Death? No, Blissful iPhone Gaming

There's a moment when playing Cave shooters, when your eyes glaze over, and you are no longer looking at the ship you are piloting. You start following the bullets, and as you move yourself through space, you just know where you are. More »

Beat Hazard Ultra is the Game Photosensitive Seizure Blurbs Were Warning You About

Until now your iTunes music library has remained passive, patiently waiting for you to allow it to waft delicately to your eardrums. With the release of the iOS version of Beat Hazard Ultra your music is now a deadly predator, lurking in your playlist, awaiting the call to be transformed into explosive levels of eye-melting twin stick shooter action. More »

Beat Sneak Bandit Delivers Really Funkin' Hard Musical Puzzles to iOS

Music steals time. Think about it: whether you're making it or listening to it, you're devoting ticks of the watch (mental energy away from some other pursuit.) But, what you get back, hopefully, is enjoyment. Beat Sneak Bandit More »

iPhone Platforming Actually Doesn't Suck in League of Evil 2

It's no secret that controls for games on the iOS platform are often wonky and uncomfortable. We tend to forgive developers for this more than we'd ideally like to when it comes to our iPhones and iPads, if only to appreciate the game in question for its other qualities. More »

Quell Reflect is a Soothing Puzzle Game for Grown-Ups

Most of the games I have on my phone are in some way frenetic. They're filled with bold, bright colors, quick action, and noisy effects. After watching my friend's preschool-aged niece school us all at Angry Birds, I have found myself occasionally desiring something a little more calm and adult. More »