Ultra Cool | TOKYO, JAPAN: Ultraman (men?) pose in 2006 at the opening of an Ultraman movie. (Photo: Shizuo Kambayashi | AP)

IKEA, and the Logic of Video Game Design

A visit to IKEA usually means house moving, renovating, and too much fun spent with LEGO for grown-ups. But is there an element of videogame design hidden away within the Swedish minimalism?
I never went to IKEA for videogames.
I went there for Swedish pillow covers.
But somehow I ended up with... More »

Hello Dentist. Tokyo Gets the Pinkest and Cutest Clinic on Earth.

Hello Kitty is an icon. You don't only find the cat in video games, on toilet paper, and even an infamous vibrator. And now, Hello Kitty has a dentist office. More »

Leave It to this Italian To Bring a South Korean MMORPG to Life

Way before cosplay was mainstream, Italy's Giorgia was doing her thing, dressing up as game and anime characters. She's been cosplaying since 1997, which, in internet time, must be a century. More »

In the Grim Future There Might not be a Warhammer 40K MMO

A few weeks back, the future of THQ's Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium MMO was very much up in the air. Comments early yesterday had seemed to ease fears over the project, but comments later yesterday brought the fears right back.
It seems beleaguered publisher THQ doesn't have the stomach or coin to... More »

Here's 25 Awesome Coffee Table Books About Video Games

Miguel Concepcion recently posted a healthy reminder that gamers CAN be bibliophiles-especially where books about video games are concerned. Behold, the 25 Best Video Game Coffee Table Books. More »

Is There a New Populous Game in Development? And is Insomniac Working on a Game Called Outernauts?

Some patent and resume digging by French site HardGamers has uncovered the very real possibility that Electronic Arts is bringing back from the dead one of its most treasured old properties: More »

Some Kick-Ass Robot Designs From One of Hawken's Artists

Multiplayer shooter Hawken snuck into our collective megacity last year and stole our robotic hearts. Sadly, it's been a very long time since we heard or saw anything about the game.
To satisfy both yours and our appetite for more hot giant mech fighting action, then, here's a collection of mechs,... More »

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