Cap Bar | TOKYO, JAPAN: Sister site Kotaku Japan checked out Capcom's new bar. More pics here. (Photo: Kotaku Japan)

Men and Women Shrink-wrapped as Japanese Art

Games and game hardware came packaged. They're sealed shut, some of them completely shrink-wrapped. and covered in clear plastic. They are sealed off from the outside world. More »

The Return of the Neo-Geo

SNK Playmore is once again in the hardware business. The Osaka-based game company is licensing a new (well, sort of) portable Neo-Geo gaming system. This is it. More »

Miss Finland Must Cosplay as Lara Croft

Eidos, the company behind Tomb Raider, killed off its real-life Lara Croft spokesgirls. They'll "never happen again", said Eidos. In Finland, they live on. More »

The Coolest Gaming Station I've Ever Seen

The MWE Emperor 200 may be labelled a "workstation", but don't let that fool you. It's being demoed using video games for a reason: this is not for work. More »

Selecting an Idol from a Vending Machine

Earlier this week, Kotaku reported that a noodle cafe was opening in Tokyo's otaku (geek) mecca. What makes this cafe different from the plethora of cafes dotted throughout Akihabara is that Noodol Cafe features idols pouring hot water into instant ramen. More »

On Death and Gaming

One of my earliest memories of videogames is also one of the last clear memories I have of my aunt, my father's sister, Donna. It was cold out, but not quite the holidays. More »

The PS3's Next Big Japanese Role-Playing Game Is...

Revealed today, the unannounced role-playing game Namco Bandai teased in Famitsu is Tokitowa.
The game combines JPRG elements (big eyes, blue hair) with, wait for it, third-person shooter play (think action rpg). More »

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