Earlier this week, Kotaku reported that a noodle cafe was opening in Tokyo's otaku (geek) mecca. What makes this cafe different from the plethora of cafes dotted throughout Akihabara is that Noodol Cafe features idols pouring hot water into instant ramen. Yep.

The cafe opened today in Tokyo's Akihabara, and Japanese television was on hand with a full report. As previously posted, patrons select the idol that they want. But as Japanese news showed, patrons select the idol from a vending machine.


Then the idol will pour the hot water over the instant noodles and patrons can talk to the idol for the three minutes needed to soften the instant noodles. Then, the patrons leave the counter, grab a seat, and eat their noodles. Alone.

Today, some of the first idols were high schooler Ayano Hayashi, pin-up Mayuka Kuroda, and model Ayaka Nomde. Ayano Hayashi is notable for previously being involved with super idol group AKB48.

Obviously, different idols will be working on different days. No word on when idol Aki Higashihara will show up and unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Instant ramen, small talk with an idol, a drink can be yours for a mere ¥800 (US$10.30).

24日の出演キャスト [2ch]

(Top photo: 日本テレビ放送網)