In Vigil games' upcoming Darksiders II, players assume the mantle of Death, who is pretty much the only "personified supernatural force" more badass than War, the protagonist of the first game. The video above demonstrates gameplay from the early chapters of the game, showcasing Death's lighter move-set and quicker combat abilities.

Our intern Pierre saw a demo of Darksiders II last week; by his telling, the game will feature a larger scope and a more open map than its predecessor, much more platforming and a more nimble protagonist, and more armor customization options for Death. You can see a lot of that in the video.


Check the gallery above for shots for the game's most recent trailer the game. We'll have some more in-depth impressions of the summer-bound sequel later today.

The trailer above depicts how Death, man's simplest and greatest fear, has evolved over the ages to become the character that we will take control of in the game.