It's not always easy to work in all five of our Gaming App of the Day game titles into the weekly gaming app round-up, but I'd like to think this week I was particularly inspired. Notice how I just strung a bunch of words together? So good.

From large and colorful blocks to semi-realistic (looking) motorcycles, this week in gaming apps had it all, with the possible exception of the hundreds of thousands of other apps we bypassed in order to highlight these five. I managed to do two of them myself, one the Android-exclusive Little Empire; the other Super Crossfire HD, a game I used to break in my new-ish iPad 2. Yeah, don't get used to that.


It also bears noting that this is the second week in a row we've featured a game with zombies in it. If we manage to do that three weeks in a row we summon Tony Todd and he kills us all. Fingers-crossed!

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

It's Like Mario Bros., But Smaller and Harder

When I was seven years old, I got the Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas. My parents already had a Pong machine and a Magnavox Odyssey, and I enjoyed both machines very much. Bu this was different. This was my console. My first console. And the game I fell in love with instantly was Super Mario Bros. More »

Little Empire is a Massively Multiplayer Backstabbing Simulator

Camel Games' high-polished "massively multiplayer online" empire building game Little Empires neatly demonstrates why we should never open ourselves up to the inevitable pain that friendship brings. Pretty heavy for a game with cartoon elves, right? More »

The Colorful Chaos of Super Crossfire Turns the Tables on Invaders From Space

Last October I was excited to announce that former Xbox Live Indie Games developer Radiangames was getting into iOS gaming business with the frantic 2D shooter Super Crossfire. Then my iPad screen cracked. And my iPhone got dropped out of a speeding car. Someone did not want me playing this game. More »

Minesweeper Is Much Better With Zombies

Have they added zombies to Pac-Man and computer solitaire yet? I am afraid to check. But I should not be, because they have added zombies to Minesweeper. That turns out to have been a terrific idea. The result of this mad combination is called Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story. More »

A Racer that Follows the Law of Averages

Considering how many gaming apps are published each week in a mobile gaming gold rush that shows no signs of slowing, finding one that is simply average feels almost like a win. Streetbike: Full Blast, the latest excreted onto the iTunes app store, will suffice at a buck. More »